Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Water & Mold Damaged Second Home - Laundry Room

This property is a second home for our customer. No one had been there in months. Unfortunately they had a water intrusion and mold set in. This is the before a... READ MORE

Car Dealership

The staff at this car dealership, in a small community just outside of Reno, arrived to a nice surprise. Their roof had damage and they had experienced a flash ... READ MORE

Quick Response

For this job we were able to dry in place for the personal bathroom, that had carpet, as well as the rest of the house. We were able to savage the carpet in the... READ MORE

Personal Bathroom

At this job we arrived to find the bathroom had been having water issues for some time. Fortunately for the home owner we were able to get there quickly and mak... READ MORE

Laundry room

The home owner was ecstatic when we arrived. They had their cold water line from their washing machine that had burst and had been running for some time. They w... READ MORE


This was a large job. Two young kids decided to start a fire and leave the water running in this vacant restaurant. eventually they were caught and were charged... READ MORE

Condo Association

This was called in by one of our HOA contacts in Incline Village NV. It's a beautiful resort town about 30 minutes with Lake Tahoe nearby. This is such a beauti... READ MORE


This is someones personal home. It can look very daunting when they see the before but when we are done it looks great. Thanks to all of our workers for doing s... READ MORE