Recent Before & After Photos

Laundry room

The home owner was ecstatic when we arrived. They had their cold water line from their washing machine that had burst and had been running for some time. They w... READ MORE

Crawlspace containment

The homeowner was very grateful for our work. We responded to a water damage but it turned into a larger problem. The home owner was unaware of their mold probl... READ MORE

Sewage cleanup

This home owner initially thought that he only had a sewage cleanup in his crawl space but we found that it had been going on for a while. It lead to us having ... READ MORE


This was a large job. Two young kids decided to start a fire and leave the water running in this vacant restaurant. eventually they were caught and were charged... READ MORE

Large Commercial Fire

This was one of our largest commercial fire losses to date. The commercial building had a homeless man living in the attic and nobody really knew that he was th... READ MORE

Large loss

This came after the large rain storms that we had last winter. The storm flooded the Truckee river and this truck rental facility is close to the river. Their b... READ MORE

Ski resort fire

This was a challenging job that we had at a local ski resort. Dave was given the option to either have a snow cat or we could use the gondola. Dave used it as a... READ MORE

Small school fire

This older home had a large grease fire. This home was transitioned into a small school. We were able to get the loss site quickly. This is a great reminder to ... READ MORE

Sensitive homeowner

This home owner contacted us from Susanville. She is sensitive to mold. Its a good thing her insurance agent referred us to clean it up. She has been ill for so... READ MORE

Residential clean up

This is came from one of our good centers of influence. This was a large home with a large roof leak that to mold in a few areas. The home owner was very thankf... READ MORE