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Storm Damage Testimonials

I think you guys do a great job.

Gay Lynn

The purpose of this letter is to let you know how much my wife, Pat, and I appreciated the work performed by SERVPRO at our residence during at our residence during an undiscovered water break from the frozen water line to our ice maker approximately 3 weeks ago. 

Cody was in charge of the project following your initial involvement and we have to say he was extremely professional and kept us fully informed each step of the way. This was really a traumatic experience for us and he really minimized our frustration and reassured us the removal of flooring, sheet rock, cabinetry, etc., was necessary and every effort was made to save as much as reasonably possible.

Each day while flooring and materials were being removed, Cody, and especially Carl, made every effort to minimize contaminants, dust, etc,. and cleaned up every day, making every effort to keep our carpets and undamaged floors clean. Carl was especially conscientious in this regard and on the day all the barriers etc,. were taken back. Carl did a fantastic job of cleaning up and getting the damaged areas ready for reconstruction.

We just wanted to let you know the outstanding performance exhibited by Cody and Carl on our particular disaster and their efforts to minimize our fears and frustrations, keeping us fully informed as to each step of the process and why they were necessary. 


Ron N

Thanks to your franchise all of our clients are happy with the service during the last few snow and ice storms. Thanks again for taking of our clients. 


Insurance Agent

Your crew has been wonderful. We use your franchise mainly for carpet cleaning but your work during the storms have allowed us to keep the rentals clean and dry for our clients.

Sherine and Marion

Property Managers in Incline Village

Your team has responded well to all of our jobs that we have sent your way during the snow storms. We have been hit hard lots of freezing temperatures and snow build up next to the vacation and rental homes that manage in the community. Thanks again for all of your hard work.


Property maintenance


Thanks for the quick response to my clients rain damage. I will continue to refer my future clients to your office.

Troy K.