Recent Before & After Photos

Crawl Space Mold

This home owner was very happy to see the difference when we finished the job. The family was very grateful that we were able to take care of the issue very qui... READ MORE

Car Dealership

The staff at this car dealership, in a small community just outside of Reno, arrived to a nice surprise. Their roof had damage and they had experienced a flash ... READ MORE

Motel Fire

Our crew arrived on scene to small fire that could have easily turned into a large fire. It started near the bed of a small motel in the small community of Fall... READ MORE

Condo Association Mold

For this job we received the call from a property manager about a water damage. When we removed some of the drywall we realized their was some discoloration on ... READ MORE

Apartment Pipe Break

This apartment complex had a pipe break during the night and could have easily had damages to the other units. Thanks to our quick responding crew we were able ... READ MORE

Roof Leak

This job came from a small apartment complex in the downtown area. They have been having roof leaks in this building for some time now. When our production team... READ MORE

Quick Response

For this job we were able to dry in place for the personal bathroom, that had carpet, as well as the rest of the house. We were able to savage the carpet in the... READ MORE

Personal Bathroom

At this job we arrived to find the bathroom had been having water issues for some time. Fortunately for the home owner we were able to get there quickly and mak... READ MORE

Rain Damage

This lobby in a large commercial business center was damaged by rain water. They found it on Monday after they it had been raining throughout the weekend. They ... READ MORE

Frozen pipe

This large ski resort at Lake Tahoe had a large snow storm followed by a deep freeze. They needed the snow but they did not need the pipes freezing and then bur... READ MORE