Photo Gallery

SERVPRO employees and owner standing in front of their green box truck

Because we care

Here at SERVPRO of Reno Southwest thrive on success, we have built our company with the most understanding professional crew. 

Our customers voice matters, we want to help you when unfortunate times happen. We are here to make it, "Like it never happened."

three SERVPRO vehicles parked in a parking lot

Like it never happened

Here at SERVPRO of Reno Southwest understand how stressful and overwhelming it can be to have any sort of disaster, water damage, fire, and even mold happen to your home or commercial property. Our employees pride themselves in getting your home back to preexisting conditions as fast as possible. 

This is why more people are choosing to use SERVPRO of Reno Southwest, our community matters.  

"Like it never even happened." - SERVPRO truck

Only Happens HERE!!!!!

We have what it takes to make ANY disaster " Like it never even happened". Call us today at 775-852-6480!!!!!!

SERVPRO truck - here to help

Here to Help

Water, Fire, Vandalism Clean-Up, Mold Remediation, Bio Hazard Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, HVAC Cleaning needed??? We got you! Call us today at 775-852-6480!!!!!!!!!

SERVPRO employee petting the company dog

When a pet makes a mess life gets ruff

Why SERVPRO you ask? We at SERVPRO of Reno Southwest are pet friendly, we understand our pets can make a mess. We have the adequate  training and equipment to identify and eliminate these odors that will leave your home feeling fresh. 

ETEX Box - In operation - Specialty Drying

ETEX Box - Specialty Drying

Just another reason of Why SERVPRO... specialty drying is not a taboo word here! We live for being able to take an impossible situation and making it possible! Specialty equipment like the ETEX boxes make this possible! SERVPRO of Reno Southwest is waiting and ready for your water loss! 

TES Trailer - Hooked Up and Working

Specialty Equipment - TES ( Thermal Energy System )

This is a photo of our TES (Thermal Energy System) in use. This is WHY SERVPRO! SERVPRO has the most up to date equipment and highly trained technicians that make drying your structure a breeze! TES is just one of our many tools to make it "Like it never even happened."

Equipment Set Up In Ballroom of Casino

Sands Casino - Large Loss

A local casino had a large water loss caused by a fire started in the corner of one room. Due to fire sprinklers multiple floors were affected with water. They called SERVPRO of Reno Southwest and we worked through the night into the next day to stabilize their structure. 

Finished Work - Garage

Garage Photos - AFTER

Large Water Damage - Garage photo is AFTER work is complete and ready for re-construction. 

Garage During Water Damage Restoration


Large water damage through-out the home. This photo is in the garage during work in progress. 

Local Rain Storms

Here is another road that was closed in the past few days due to large amount of rainfall in the area. We will continue to have more rain throughout the weekend. Please be safe out there.

Mud Slides

Here is a mud slide in Olympic Valley. It shut down the road overnight. We have had a series of strong storms in the area and that brings much needed rain. It unfortunately also brings in other issues as well. Please be safe out there.

Volcano Lava Flow

The photo is not from a job here locally. This is from the volcano eruption on Hawaii's Big Island. Our prayers are going out to all of the people who live near the area. 

Condo Cleanup

For this job we were called for a water damage but we found another colorful surprise in the walls. We built a containment, after the hygienist confirmed that we were dealing with mold. Thanks to the quick response we have been able to keep the damage to a minimum.

Apartment Pipe Break

This apartment had a pipe break over night. Thanks to our quick response we were able to minimize the damage. Great job to our office and our production teams at SERVPRO of Reno Southwest.

Commercial Rain loss

This is the front of the building of a rain storm loss. They had a roof leak for some time that just went unnoticed. We were able to take care of the damage before the next rain storms moved into the area. Great job Rob!!!

Apartment Roof leak

This is what we found when we arrived to an apartment complex to find that they have had a roof leak for some time. We had to remove all of the drywall and found that they have been having a leaky roof for quite some time.

Apartment Roof leak

This apartment complex had a large hole in their roof and had been having a leak for some time. Robert and his team did an amazing job in removing the damaged walls, cabinets, and sink. 

Not allowed to remove

This is a great example of what could happen if we do not dry properly. This home owner did not allow us to dry it properly. Another solution would have been to remove it but now it has to be removed because it is warped beyond repair.

Quick response

Our techs did an amazing job in responding to this job. We were able to save the carpet in this home. Great job to our office and production staff. Thanks for making it "Like it never even happened."

March Snow Storm

This is from NHP. Please drive carefully.

Many of our highways are extremely slick and snow covered this morning. Active chain/snow tire restrictions are in effect for most highways. If you must travel, use extreme caution. Our Troopers are currently handling numerous weather related calls for service. Please SLOW DOWN!

Luncheon event

Great job Gayle. I know she came back to the office with some very useful info. She is out there making the connections with the decision makers in the commercial property management industry.

Amazing Job

This is to congratulate our office, production and marketing staff on the amazing improvement. 2017 was an amazing year for all of us. Let's keep the momentum going into 2018. Thanks again to all of our staff for such an amazing job!!!!! We are proud of every one.

A Bad Day

This picture was taken in Revere, Massachusetts. They had severe flooding and then the temperatures dropped down to negative 1 and with wind chill in certain areas it was negative 35. 

Record breaking

This is another example of how our area looked like last year. This was a fun time for the kids to have this much snow but for home owners it created problems because of the snow melt and flooding around the Truckee river. 

Snow storms

This type of snow is what we had in our region last winter from 2016-2017. This winter we have experienced a lighter winter season. Lets be appreciative of what we get the rest of this winter season.

Laundry room

The washing machine had been leaking water for some time now. We arrived to clean up a water damage but we found more behind the walls and in the bath rooms next to laundry room. They had mold in the studs and inside the wall cavity. Our staff was able to get to it quickly before it spread any further.

Containment in crawl space

This is a great example of a large containment in a crawl space. Our production staff did an amazing job. The home owner was very happy that we were able to get to their water loss quickly. They were really ecstatic that we were able to remove their mold growth in their crawl space as well.

Mold in Crawl Space

This home owner called us for a simple water damage but it turned out that they had more growing in the crawl space. We were able to mitigate their loss quickly so mold would not spread to other parts of the crawl space.

Blood Moon

This was a cool sight! Hopefully everybody was able to enjoy it for a little while. Here is a story about the moon.

The moon put on a rare cosmic show Wednesday: a red blue moon, super big and super bright.

It’s the first time in 35 years a blue moon has synced up with a supermoon and a total lunar eclipse, or blood moon because of its red hue. 

The second full moon in a calendar month is a blue moon. This one also happened to be an especially close and bright moon, or supermoon.

Add a total eclipse, known as a blood moon for its red tint, and it was a lunar showstopper.

Home surprise

This home owner found a colorful friend behind their wall paper. We managed to mitigate the problem before it spread. The owners were forced to remove their wall paper when they had a roof leak. Once they opened the wall they were surprised to find more discoloration. We took of their problem and made it "Like it never even happened".

Commercial Water

Thanks to our quick response our crew was able to remove four to six inches of water at a local storage facility. The owners of the business were grateful because they had millions of dollars of home owner's personal belongings in their units. Great Job!!!

Clubhouse Fire

Thanks to our City of Sparks Fire Department for responding quickly to a fire of a vacant building. This clubhouse has been empty for  few years. All around it is dry cheat grass and a large amount of homes. They responded quickly. Great job!!!!

River flood

This is our Truckee river during the last flood. As you can see in the photo that the water level has reached the bridge that crosses downtown. We are very fortunate that our downtown did not flood but many areas in Sparks and West Reno did flood. Glad our staff was able to it "Like it never even happened." Many thanks to our  office and production staff for all of the great work.

Large casino damage

This large casino in Reno had water coming in thru the ceiling and had been running from the 3rd floor. They had to close down their restaurant until we were able to completely dry out the area. This is one of our techs on our commercial water extractor, "the Rover." Great job on using our tools at our disposal.

Through the ceiling

This a loss that we had during the last freeze. This home owner came to his vacation home and found a lovely surprise. They had ice damns built up on the outside of their home and found that the pipes had burst inside the home. The water was coming from the upstairs and had been running for at least a week. Luckily we made it "Like it never even happened."

Commercial Fire loss

This a large loss. This fire started in the attic and spread to all of the rest of the units. This fire closed at least 7 dentist offices. We worked hard to try to get the offices back in business. The longer they remain closed the more time it costs to regain any potential lost business.

Ski resort

We had an interesting time trying to get equipment up to the ski lodge. This local ski resort had a small fire and the only way for us to get up to the damaged area was via the gondola. Dave did not mind due to fact that he could enjoy the views. The resort was pleased with our flexibility. Thanks to all of our staff for the great work.

Commercial Loss

This commercial property manger has called many times in the last few months. She has had a few pipe breaks and the office staff comes into their building with large amounts of water. Luckily we were able to get there in time to have the business only lose a day of work. Our goal is to get them back to work ASAP. 

Feces Cleanup

Thanks to Jose, Nick and David we have cleaned up feces from this parking lot 3 different times. Somebody is dropping off at least thirty grocery bags filled with bio-hazard waste and leaving them in front of buildings to protest. Thanks to our great staff we cleaned it up before too many people tracked any matter into their office building. 

Community Service

We loaned out our dump truck to a local resident who had a fire at their home. They did not have insurance so we allowed them to use our truck to remove their charred belongings from their home.

PGA Tour

This is one of our best employees volunteering at the PGA Tour event the Barracuda Championship. Gayle loved working at the event. The Barracuda Championship had about 40,000 people attend over the 4 day event. Great Job guys!!!


This is why SERVPRO can respond quickly. Rest assure that we will treat your home is if it was our own home. When any issues arise in your home, we will make it "Like it never even happened"


This is when the cavalry showed up. SERVPRO was here to save the day at this large casino's water loss. We prevented further damage to all of their financial records. They were excited to have us show up in full force.


This is just on of our techs being creative and having a little fun trying to get down someone's drive way at Donner Lake. This should be a new Olympic sport. Toolbox sled.

CE class

This was our last class in September. Great job and big thank you to all who helped set this up. We look forward to having the insurance agents show up to the class. It will be fun.

Large Fire

This is the attic space for a large commercial fire. Their were 8 offices that were affected by the smoke damage. The dentists offices were all very happy that we were able to take care of the smell so that their clients did not complain. They also were thankful that we were able to get that back and running so quickly. 


Don't turn on the lights while trying to do this!!! Too many people try to turn on the lights not thinking there could be issues. Please be careful when you have a water damage in your home.

Casino Water

This large and well established casino in the Reno area had a large water loss in their accounting department. It affected 3 floors including their storage area for all files past and present. We were able to perform the work while they continued to do the work of keeping the casino running.

Garage Fire

This family lost their entire life in the garage. Their main source of income was in this garage. The homeowner was a mechanic. We were able to donate a good portion of our time to this family to assist in getting back on their feet.