Commercial Photo Gallery

Condo Cleanup

For this job we were called for a water damage but we found another colorful surprise in the walls. We built a containment, after the hygienist confirmed that we were dealing with mold. Thanks to the quick response we have been able to keep the damage to a minimum.

Apartment Pipe Break

This apartment had a pipe break over night. Thanks to our quick response we were able to minimize the damage. Great job to our office and our production teams at SERVPRO of Reno Southwest.

Luncheon event

Great job Gayle. I know she came back to the office with some very useful info. She is out there making the connections with the decision makers in the commercial property management industry.

Commercial Loss

This commercial property manger has called many times in the last few months. She has had a few pipe breaks and the office staff comes into their building with large amounts of water. Luckily we were able to get there in time to have the business only lose a day of work. Our goal is to get them back to work ASAP. 

Feces Cleanup

Thanks to Jose, Nick and David we have cleaned up feces from this parking lot 3 different times. Somebody is dropping off at least thirty grocery bags filled with bio-hazard waste and leaving them in front of buildings to protest. Thanks to our great staff we cleaned it up before too many people tracked any matter into their office building. 


This is when the cavalry showed up. SERVPRO was here to save the day at this large casino's water loss. We prevented further damage to all of their financial records. They were excited to have us show up in full force.

Casino Water

This large and well established casino in the Reno area had a large water loss in their accounting department. It affected 3 floors including their storage area for all files past and present. We were able to perform the work while they continued to do the work of keeping the casino running.