Water Damage Photo Gallery

Local Rain Storms

Here is another road that was closed in the past few days due to large amount of rainfall in the area. We will continue to have more rain throughout the weekend. Please be safe out there.

Mud Slides

Here is a mud slide in Olympic Valley. It shut down the road overnight. We have had a series of strong storms in the area and that brings much needed rain. It unfortunately also brings in other issues as well. Please be safe out there.

Not allowed to remove

This is a great example of what could happen if we do not dry properly. This home owner did not allow us to dry it properly. Another solution would have been to remove it but now it has to be removed because it is warped beyond repair.

Quick response

Our techs did an amazing job in responding to this job. We were able to save the carpet in this home. Great job to our office and production staff. Thanks for making it "Like it never even happened."

Commercial Water

Thanks to our quick response our crew was able to remove four to six inches of water at a local storage facility. The owners of the business were grateful because they had millions of dollars of home owner's personal belongings in their units. Great Job!!!

Large casino damage

This large casino in Reno had water coming in thru the ceiling and had been running from the 3rd floor. They had to close down their restaurant until we were able to completely dry out the area. This is one of our techs on our commercial water extractor, "the Rover." Great job on using our tools at our disposal.

Through the ceiling

This a loss that we had during the last freeze. This home owner came to his vacation home and found a lovely surprise. They had ice damns built up on the outside of their home and found that the pipes had burst inside the home. The water was coming from the upstairs and had been running for at least a week. Luckily we made it "Like it never even happened."


Don't turn on the lights while trying to do this!!! Too many people try to turn on the lights not thinking there could be issues. Please be careful when you have a water damage in your home.