Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Commercial Rain loss

This is the front of the building of a rain storm loss. They had a roof leak for some time that just went unnoticed. We were able to take care of the damage before the next rain storms moved into the area. Great job Rob!!!

March Snow Storm

This is from NHP. Please drive carefully.

Many of our highways are extremely slick and snow covered this morning. Active chain/snow tire restrictions are in effect for most highways. If you must travel, use extreme caution. Our Troopers are currently handling numerous weather related calls for service. Please SLOW DOWN!

A Bad Day

This picture was taken in Revere, Massachusetts. They had severe flooding and then the temperatures dropped down to negative 1 and with wind chill in certain areas it was negative 35. 

Record breaking

This is another example of how our area looked like last year. This was a fun time for the kids to have this much snow but for home owners it created problems because of the snow melt and flooding around the Truckee river. 

Snow storms

This type of snow is what we had in our region last winter from 2016-2017. This winter we have experienced a lighter winter season. Lets be appreciative of what we get the rest of this winter season.

River flood

This is our Truckee river during the last flood. As you can see in the photo that the water level has reached the bridge that crosses downtown. We are very fortunate that our downtown did not flood but many areas in Sparks and West Reno did flood. Glad our staff was able to it "Like it never even happened." Many thanks to our  office and production staff for all of the great work.