Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Apartment Roof leak

This is what we found when we arrived to an apartment complex to find that they have had a roof leak for some time. We had to remove all of the drywall and found that they have been having a leaky roof for quite some time.

Apartment Roof leak

This apartment complex had a large hole in their roof and had been having a leak for some time. Robert and his team did an amazing job in removing the damaged walls, cabinets, and sink. 

Laundry room

The washing machine had been leaking water for some time now. We arrived to clean up a water damage but we found more behind the walls and in the bath rooms next to laundry room. They had mold in the studs and inside the wall cavity. Our staff was able to get to it quickly before it spread any further.

Containment in crawl space

This is a great example of a large containment in a crawl space. Our production staff did an amazing job. The home owner was very happy that we were able to get to their water loss quickly. They were really ecstatic that we were able to remove their mold growth in their crawl space as well.

Mold in Crawl Space

This home owner called us for a simple water damage but it turned out that they had more growing in the crawl space. We were able to mitigate their loss quickly so mold would not spread to other parts of the crawl space.

Home surprise

This home owner found a colorful friend behind their wall paper. We managed to mitigate the problem before it spread. The owners were forced to remove their wall paper when they had a roof leak. Once they opened the wall they were surprised to find more discoloration. We took of their problem and made it "Like it never even happened".